Ancient Epidauros

Ancient Epidauros / Epidavros is a beautiful farming and fishing village situated in the Peloponnese overlooking the Saronic Gulf. The village is fairly small (2000 inhabitants) but in the summer months the numbers increase. The village is surrounded by majestic tree clad mountains on the one side and the blue sea on the other. The views are spectacular! Ancient Epidavros has been widely known since pre-Hellenic times. The village has a beautiful natural harbour and the nearby small ancient theatre, referred to as the "Shell of the Saronic Gulf", hosts the July Music Festival annually


The larger and world famous theatre of Epidauros lies approx. 5 km away, seats 18000 and many plays are performed by the best Greek and foreign theatre groups in the summer months.

nature and outdoor pursuits

With its natural beauty, mild climate and beaches, Ancient Epidavros forms a perfect holiday resort particularly for sea sports, paragliding, walking and hiking but has not yet been discovered by the tourists at large. The views over the Saronic Gulf are spectacular and the islands of Angistri and Aegina can clearly be seen. Piraeus and Athens can be seen and on a good day it is possible to see the Acropolis.

shopping, facilities & food

The village has all that one needs in terms of daily shopping. There are sufficient tavernas, supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries, etc. A collection of tavernas and pleasant cafes line the waterfront, and a market selling a variety of goods visits regularly. Service providers like electricians, plumbers, aircon people, mechanics, doctors, etc. are first class and not expensive. There is also a large weekly fresh market and alternative shopping options and service providers in the neighbouring town of Ligourio.


Epidavros is easily accessible from Piraeus and Athens. The road system is good and there is thus never a problem with transport (unlike on the Greek islands). Larger towns like Nafplio, Korinthos, Athens, Patras, etc. and Athens Airport directly accessible by train from Korinth or by motorway. The road infrastructure is very good. There is a regular bus connection to Athens, Korinthos and to Nafplio. Train connections are good and inexpensive.


The people of Ancient Epidavros are very helpful, and most speak at least enough English to get by. There is a small English community. The number of foreigners purchasing property in Ancient Epidavros is steadily increasing but the village retains a charming Greek character.